HSED Option 5.09

This Wisconsin High School Completion Option is a state approved program that provides an alternative to taking the Official GED exams to earn a High School Equivalency.   Madison College offers two HSED Option 5.09 tracks that you can enter. 


Quick Facts about 5.09 HSED

  • This is a one year long High School equivalency program that combines structured classes and independent learning.
  • Student shows mastery of competencies in a variety of ways. No timed tests.
  • Student will complete competencies in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Employability Skills, Civics, and Health.
  • Prepares students to transition to college or enter into the workforce.
  • Must commit 15 hours/week to studies and homework.
  • Must meet with the Academic Advisor monthly to monitoring progress. 

If this sounds like something you would qualify for or if you have questions on your eligibility for this option, please contact:

Delores Okon,
608-258-2440 for an appointment - 
Coordinator of High School Completion Options in the School of Academic Advancement