Hybrid Learning

Offers the best of both worlds

Hybrid courses combine online instruction for projects and fieldwork with the right amount of face time with your instructor and classmates. Meet in class for part of the semester and work online for the rest!

Hybrid courses at Madison College combine the best of traditional face-to-face teaching with innovative online learning methods. 

  • Students will be expected to attend scheduled face-to-face class sessions, but the number and/or length of the classroom time will vary depending on the nature of the course and the instructor.
  • As little as 1/3 or as much as 3/4 of the traditional classroom instruction will be replaced with the online instructional methods.
  • The online instruction component will promote student engagement through enhanced interaction with course material.
Are you prepared to take a hybrid course?
Take a look at what a hybrid course might look like. (PDF 84.6KB)