Hybrid & Online Course Preparation

At registration time:

  • Contact your instructor to find out more about course expectations. There should be class notes in the online course description through myMadisonCollege when you register for classes. Be proactive!
  • Plan for study time in addition to the fixed course meeting times. With fewer scheduled class meetings, it is important to think about how the out-of-class work will fit in your weekly schedule.

Before the semester begins:

  • Use your Madison College email account. There may be important course information sent out before class starts. Institutional and course email naturally flows to your Madison College email account because we don't automatically know any other email addresses for you.
  • Check the Blackboard course site. Online and hybrid course sites usually open at least one week prior to the semester start date.
  • Read the syllabus. You should understand the grading system and policies on attendance and late work.
  • Make note of important class dates: exams, assignment due dates, etc.
  • Become familiar with the online course structure.
  • Look for an orientation assignment. If your class has one, try to complete this before the first day of class.
  • Check for technical system requirements. Will your computer meet the needs for the course? Do you need any special software for your particular class?
  • If you do not have your own computer, you will need to make plans to utilize the campus computer labs or other public facilities (such as a library). A personal computer is not required for online work, but you do need to have a plan for online access.

During the semester:

  • Attend all scheduled class meetings (for hybrid courses).
  • Check in online regularly. Read the Announcements page in your Blackboard course site. Look for new items and upcoming due dates. Hybrid and online courses will typically give you more advanced notice than a traditional lecture course; use this knowledge to your own advantage.
  • Plan ahead. Do work well before the deadlines to give yourself time to overcome technical difficulties and regular questions.
  • Participate fully in all class activities. Maintain a visible online presence. Engaged students tend to perform better in class. You may have discussion requirements or group work to do for class - take an active role.
  • Ask questions! If you have any troubles with course content or have technical difficulties, seek out help immediately.