I-94 Card/Arrival Record

I-94 Arrival Record

The I-94 arrival/departure record, also called the I-94 card, is used to document the dates that a visitor to the U.S. enters and leaves the country. The paper form of the I-94 card is currently being phased out.  Accordingly, instead of receiving a paper I-94 card, most ports of entry will now stamp an arrival record onto a passport page. Below are examples of the old and new I-94 record formats.

If you received the new I-94 arrival stamp, but need an I-94 card, please visit to print a paper I-94 card after completing a simple online form. A paper I-94 card may be needed when applying for a Social Security Number, driver’s license, Optional Practical Training, or a change of visa status, for example.   

If your I-94 arrival record does not list the correct visa class (such as F-1) or if it provides a specific date, instead of the correct “D/S” notation, please contact CIE’s International Student Services.

Here is an example of the paper I-94 Arrival/Departure Card that is being phased out:

Here is an example of a new I-94 arrival record, which is stamped onto a passport page (often near the F-1 visa sticker) by an immigration official at a U.S. port of entry: