Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT)

For all emergencies, call 9-911.

 Submit a BIT referral

Students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to refer important but not life threatening student behavior concerns via the BIT Form.

Please refer:

  • Behavior of students that disrupts the mission and/or learning environment of Madison College students, faculty, staff, or community. For example:
    • Student behavior that makes those around them feel vaguely uncomfortable on some level such as persistent incivility, bizarre behavior, or other behavior concerns.
    • Student behavior that makes it difficult for routine work or teaching to take place including high levels of irritable, unruly, argumentative, and frequent noncompliance with instructor /staff directives.
    • Student behavior that demonstrates a pattern which could potentially threaten the health and well-being of those around him/her such as verbal threats and overly agitated, aggressive, and intimidating behaviors.
    • Student email responses that seem to be off topic and cause significant concern or worry including, expressions of hate, comments regarding violence to self or others, and vulgar language.
  • Concern for the well being of a student (for immediate assistance in addressing your concerns, please contact Madison College's Crisis Counseling at 608-246-6060). Student behavior examples include:
    • Extreme shifts of behavior, depression, and/or anxiety issues.
    • Suicidal thoughts or expressions, self-mutilating behaviors, and alcohol or drug abuse concerns.
  • Program Deans and faculty who develop a student behavioral plan to address classroom disruptions are encouraged to complete the BIT form and share the student behavioral plan. 

Madison College's Behavioral Intervention Team model and processes have been adopted and adapted with permission from the University of South Carolina's Behavioral Intervention Team Model and the Good Samaritan Team Model of Concordia University.