Full-time Faculty Professional Development Funding Request

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If applicable, select more than one option.
All Out-of-State Travel requires the approval from your immediate supervisor and the Vice President for the area. The Travel Approval Request Form must be completed prior to any travel arrangements being made or travel occurs.
If you select this box, you should choose the Center for International Education as your School (below). International travel is any travel that requires a passport. Approval for international travel is outlined on the International Travel Approval Form. Travel arrangements and/or promotion of trip may only be made after the board has approved the travel.
You may attach a PDF, doc, or docx version of the Travel Approval Form (2MB or less). A completed Travel Approval Form, with your Dean's signature is necessary in order to receive FPAD funds.
We are no longer accepting requests with an "in progress" Travel Approval.
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*Describe the Professional Development Activity. How will this opportunity add value to your department, program, certificate, or Center? How will it help your department, program, certificate, or School reach its goals (enrollment growth, department/program/certificate relevance, serve new markets, etc.)? How does this activity promote excellence in teaching? Please limit your description to the space provided. Attach PDF documents/information about the experience. **If travel is required, a separate Travel Authorization Form must be completed and forwarded to your Dean.
You may attach a pdf, doc, or docx file (2MB or less) about the activity if needed.
You should choose the school that your primarily teach for in the options, (unless this is for International Travel). This will allow you to choose your program, within that school on the next page. If you are traveling internationally, please choose the Center for International Education as your School.