Getting your media captioned

For media that is your own original content or Madison College original content:

Copyright permission is not required to caption. If the media is self-published or your own YouTube content, contact Alan Natachu - Technology Training Coordinator for the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) about resources for adding captioning to your media. This is coordinated without charge by CETL. Alan also has upcoming sessions on YouTube and DIY Captioning as well as field recording with Mobile Devices. Sessions will be offered throughout the year on these topics in a Face to Face, Hybrid and Online Environments.

To contact Alan email him at:

For copyrighted media, written permission to caption is required.

You must try the options below before submitting a request:

  1. Purchase new media with Close Caption included.
  2. Use the Madison college FILMS ON DEMAND, if the media is available on Films on Demand they will Close Caption upon request. This service is provided via the Madison College Library (free).
  3. After trying steps 1 and 2 above without success:
  4. Fill out the Fair Use Checklist  Madison College Fair Use Checklist (PDF, 92 KB)  
  5. AND  -   Request for Permission to Caption from the Publisher(LINK)
  6. Then complete and submit the form below and you will be contacted by DRS about captioning your media.

Turn-around-Time for the finished CC media product may vary depending on the media use, purpose, and conversion workload.
** How to deliver media to the DRS:***** For media size less than 25 MB: Email the media file in the appropriate format to DRS at (PLEASE DO NOT COMPRESS ORIGINAL FILES) ***** OR ***** Email DRS at to arrange delivery of the media file in the appropriate format. (a DVD, Flash Drive, or external Hard Drive or Flash drives) * Please include a printed copy of the request to caption with the media file.
Select the format of file to be captioned:
Is there any special information that needs to accompany this request?