Accelerated Enhancement

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Enhancing Accelerated

"I have found it is critically important to continue to develop my skills, tools, and techniques related to accelerated methods.  One reason instructor professional development is so important is that the needs of the students change over time.  Their demographics change, the technology they use changes, how they interact with materials changes and all of those factors demand that the accelerated methods and techniques change and adjust as well.  Likewise, the understanding of accelerated learning is evolving and the methods associated with it are also expanding and further developing. "  - Holly Mercier


Who is this site for?

  • Individuals who have recently completed the accelerated teaching methods training.
  • Individuals who are interested in developing a deeper understanding of accelerated methods.
  • Individuals who have successfully taught accelerated courses and wish to enhance their skills.

What does the Enhancing Accelerated Program consist of?

Advanced Training (Work with your colleagues in a training session that further explores accelerated methods and the research behind them.), Mentoring (Be partenered with an experienced accelerated instructor in a a mentoring relationship.), Obsevations (Take the opportunity to observe an experienced accelerated instructor's course and to have your mentor observe yours.)