Assessment Mentors

Assessment Mentor Program

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Support college faculty in assessment of student learning outcomes. Model use of continuous improvement principles and data driven decision-making. Support strategic planning initiatives as requested.


At a minimum, model these activities in your own courses and programs:

  • Support data-driven decisions related to course and program documentation
  • Access and envision use of college Cognos Program Workspace in college-wide assessment efforts
  • Create model Syllabi, Outlines of Instruction, and Rubrics
  • Conduct workshops as called upon using your experience and best practices in assessment
  • Model effective classroom assessment techniques
  • Coach colleagues on use of WIDS curriculum system for course and program documentation
  • Provide direction on re-envisioning of Core Workforce Skills
  • Develop curriculum maps (matrices) for your program
  • Attend assessment workshops and meetings when requested


  • Five-year certified full-time instructor
  • Approval of Dean
  • Commitment to meet with CETL consultant at least once per semester
  • Completion of mentoring activity log

Benefits of being a Mentor
Fulfill 10% service to the college.
Participate in college strategic planning and curriculum and assessment events

Representation from a variety of departments and regional campuses.
Interest in designing, developing, and modifying teaching activities to improve student learning.
Actively engaged in development of classroom assessment best practices.

For more information, please contact:  Robin Nickel, (608) 246-6413