Assessment of Student Learning

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Assessment is a process that asks, "How do we know if students are hitting the mark?" as well as, "What do we do if they don't?"

The process:

  • establish clear, measurable outcomes of student learning
  • ensure students have sufficient opportunities to achieve those outcomes
  • systematically gather, analyze, and interpret evidence to determine if student learning matches expectations
  • use resulting information to improve student learning the next time around

Why do we assess learning?

  • to provide feedback to students for improvement
  • to improve what we do in the classroom
  • to inform program design and alignment
  • to align measures of learning with learning outcomes

How do we assess?

  • course assessment involves both formative and summative strategies
  • a clear Grading Plan is promoted and communicated via course syllabi
  • programs use advisory committee input, industry validation, and instructor input to design and document end of program assessment
  • the institution reports assessment practices for accreditation Academic Quality Improvement Plan (AQIP)