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ATTENTION: The Blackboard YouTube Mash-Up Tool is not working right now. We're investigating the issue and have reached out to Blackboard for a solution. In the mean time, we've provided a workaround for adding YouTube video to your content. 

1. To insert a YouTube video, first go to the Text Editor. Your text editor should look similar to the one highlighted in the picture below.

Text Editor Example

2. Now click on the button with the icon of two arrows pointing down. This shows you all the tools available in the Text Editor.

Highlighted Button in Text Editor

3. Now, your text editor will look like the image below.

Expanded Text Box Tools

4. Now click on the insert HTML button in the formatting toolbar. The button looks like the one highlighted in the image below.

HTML Button

5. You should see a window that looks like the following. This is the HTML Code View.

HTML Code View

6. Keep this window open. Now in a separate tab or window, go to the link for the YouTube video you want to add to this post. See the example below.

Example YouTube Video

7. Once you're on the page for the video. Find the Share button, and click on it. You can see it highlighted in the image below.

Share Tab on YouTube Pager

8. After clicking on the Share button, you should see something like the image below.

Share Tab closeup

9. Now, you'll want to click on the Embed tab, as seen below.

Embed Tab

10. You'll be shown a text box with an embed code inside it, already highlighted. Copy the embed code.

Embed Code

11. Remember the HTML Code View? Paste the Embed Code into the Code View, as seen below.

Updated HTML Code View

NOTE: If you've already added text, you will see your text enclosed in tags that look like <p>TEXT HERE</p>. It is recommended that you paste the Embed Code before any pre-existing text or at the end of it.

12. Now, click on Update to finish adding your video.

Update Button

13. And the rest is history. You now have a YouTube video in your Text Editor.

Text Editor with Video

The Blackboard Learning System is offline for Maintenance every week day from 6:00 to 7:00 AM CST.

We have found that some special characters will cause problems in your Blackboard course if used in the title of items, discussion boards, forums, threads, posts, announcements, tests, etc.

Do not use the following characters in the title/name of any item in your Blackboard course:

,    "    '    %    &    #    <   >    +    *    ^    @    =  ~