Benefits to Accelerated

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Benefits to Accelerated Learning

1. Student Engagement

An Engaged student is a student who is learning. So how do we achieve engagement in our classes? By using Accelerated Learning methods.

The foundation of Accelerated Learning is in understanding how we can captivate our learners and finding ways to leverage this to ensure we reach as many individuals as possible.

2. Learn more in less time

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of material you have to cover? Accelerated Learning allows instructors to cover more material in less time.

The instructional strategies used reach the students in more effective ways than traditional strategies allowing instructors to delve deeper into the material.

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3. Better Retention

What is retention? In the case of Accelerated Learning retention is improved in two ways.


1.Instructors who use Accelerated Learning Methods find that students are more likely to attend their classes. With Accelerated Learning students enjoy the learning experience and look forward to coming to class helping instructors and administrators avoid attendance issues.


2.With increasingly engaging instructional strategies being used students retain more of the information presented. This leads to better prepared students entering the workforce.

4. Have Fun!

Why can’t learning be fun?
Accelerated Learning says it should be.


Emotions are strongly tied to memory. Accelerated Learning helps you develop techniques to that focus on positive emotions to create strong learning experiences. By having fun, engagement, learning and retention all improve.

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