Blackboard 9.1 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is not an exhausted list of issues and solutions but will serve as forum to provide as much as possible known information. If you have additional questions or if your do not see a solution for your question, please contact the help desk at (608) 246-6666 or email the help desk.

How do I make my course available to students?

How can I determine if a student is using my Blackboard class?

How do I add other instructors or users to a Term Course Shell?  To an 'Other' Course?  

How can I add myself to my own Term Course Shell?

What is the definition of a Master, Term and an Other course?

What plug-ins do I need for the Blackboard 9.1 system?

How do I copy content from one class to another?

How do I  make my Blackboard course unavailable to students who have dropped or withdrawn from class?

How do I make my course available to my students in Bb 9.1?

You will notice that your course lists (unavailable) after the title of the course in the My Blackboard page.  This means that students cannot get to it!  You will have to make it available to them.  To do that:

  1. Go into your class by clicking on the title of the course on the My Blackboard page

  2. Click on 'Customization' below the left-side course menu

  3. Click on 'Properties'

  4. Find 'Set Availability' and click the radio button 'yes' next to 'Make Course Available'

  5. Hit "Submit" and you're done!

Definition of a Master, Term and Other courses.

Master courses are a class shell created in Blackboard for use as a template to copy to term course shells. A master course is for development only and will not receive student rosters. Master courses are identified by the abbreviation of MASTER in the Course ID field. In the new Blackboard 9.1 system, Instructors will not have the ability to add rosters to master courses. Rosters will only be available in Term courses.

Term courses are a class shell created for single term use (i.e. Fall 2011). A term shell must be created for each term Blackboard is used for a course and will automatically receive daily updates of student rosters. A term shell is the only class shell that should be used for students. Term courses are identified by the catalog ID such as 10003_1210 in the Course ID field.

Other courses are non courses that are used for portfolios, department web pages and organizations/committees. Instructors/owners of the ther courses will have the ability to add members to the other course. Rosters will not be supported or updated in "other" courses. Other type courses will be identified by the abbreviation of OTHER in the Course ID field.

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The plug-ins for the Blackboard 9.1 system.

The resource page for the recommended and optional plug-ins for the Blackboard 9.1 system are located on our website at Browser Compatibility. It will be necessary to check your browser plug-ins and add-ons before you interactive with the Blackboard system. This will reduce some issues with certain functionality working in the course.

Set User Availability in Blackboard.

Go to Users and Groups in the Control Panel of the course and select Users

  • Select the arrow menu button next to the user you wish to modify
  • When the menu pops up, select Change User's Availability in Course
  • Where it says Available, Change Yes to No.
  • Select the Submit button at the bottom right of the page

The student will no longer be able to access your course.

To hide the student from your view:

  1. Go to Grade Center, Full Grade Center in Edit Mode.
  2. Click on the arrow next to the student’s name.
  3. Select “Hide Row.”

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