Blackboard Enrollment, Course Assignments and Wait-List Change

Three processes have been implemented to improve the faculty and student experience in Blackboard. The first change is the enrollment processing with Blackboard. Students will now be entered into their Blackboard courses within 5 minutes or less after their enrollment has been handled by the Enrollment process. Previously the processing of student enrollment took anywhere from 24-36 hours to process depending on the timing of the enrollment.

 The second change is the processing of instructor assignment and course files. With the previous processes, instructor assignments from PeopleSoft and course requests from the Faculty Center took place every 24 hours. By way of the new processes, these files now run every 5 minutes, which gives instructors “near-real time” access to their courses and enrollments using the Blackboard Course Maintenance website. Processing instructor requests from the Blackboard Course Maintenance website can take from 20 minutes to 36 hours depending on the timing of the request.

The third change in process is the addition of a new student wait-list process for Blackboard. Students who are on the wait-list for a course will automatically have temporary “Guest” access in their Blackboard course(s) in which they are on the wait-list. By processes defined in PeopleSoft, wait-list students are those students who have not enrolled in a course but are waiting for a seat to be available in a course(s). By allowing students temporary and limited access to a course, instructors can provide certain information to them such as but not limited to announcements, preview of assignments and the course syllabus.  Options are available for the instructor to further limit Guest access in their course(s) or make their course(s) unavailable to guests. Instructions are available on the CETL website, or by clicking here. When the instructor grants enrollment to the wait-list student(s), the student(s), upon completing the enrollment process will within 5 minutes become an enrolled student. If, after the 7th calendar day from the course’s start date, a student does not move from the wait-list to enrolled status, the student will be automatically removed from the course and will no longer appear on the roster.