Blackboard Learning System Student Course Availability Procedure

To define the time period courses will be available for enrolled students on the Blackboard Learning System after the course has concluded.
Guiding Principles
o        To solve the numerous complaints by students requesting removal of the courses they have either completed, or are no longer taking. 
o        To comply with course materials licensing requirements.
o        To reduce the amount of time Library, Blackboard Administrator and Help Desk staff spend on addressing student complaints about continued access.
This procedure covers the time period for which courses in Blackboard will be made unavailable to students after the term concludes. Please note it is the instructor’s responsibility to make courses available to students at the beginning of the term. Course availability may vary by instructor.
Statement of Procedure
Current semester classes in the Blackboard Learning System will be made unavailable to enrolled students 4 weeks after the end of the course. The student will then no longer see the completed classes in their list of classes.   Instructors will continue to have the authority to selectively make a class available to individual students, as one might do for a student with an incomplete.
Instructors who need help with these activities may contact the Helpdesk at, (608) 246-6666. 
Review of Procedure
This policy shall be reviewed by Technology Services at least annually and at other times as needed, and faculty shall be notified of any resultant changes.
Last modified: August 12, 2009