Blackboard Mentor Application Process

Blackboard Mentor Applications are currently being accepted.

Full-time faculty will be chosen to be Blackboard Mentors.
This role would begin immediately and continue for the next two to three years.

Why become a Blackboard Mentor:

Blackboard mentors are able to network and develop close contacts with Bb Experts in the college, around the state, and across the country.  The goal is to build your expertise in the best practices of Blackboard for teaching and learning.  You will be able to assist your colleagues in their use of Bb.  This is a wonderful opportunity for you to meet your recertification requirements.

Blackboard Mentor Information

Goal of Blackboard Mentoring Program

  1. Grow the skill and expertise of Blackboard Mentors
  2. Act as a resource that supports the use of Blackboard for Madison Area Technical College employees

Requirements for Blackboard Mentors

  1. 5 year certified
  2. Full-time instructor
  3. Approval of Dean
  4. Three year commitment to be a mentor


  1. Mentors work counts as their 10% service to the college
  2. The three year commitment earns 2 certification credits for mentoring, 2 certification credits for cross-training, and 2 certification credits for attending workshops, conferences, seminars . 

List of Activities for Blackboard Mentors

  1. Share best practices of online teaching and the use of Blackboard to facilitate learning with other mentors
  2. Provide ways to take the information out to the faculty
  3. Provide leadership in the development of component/activities for online training modules of Blackboard features and uses.
  4. Guide at your side.
  5. Attend conferences and training for professional growth.
  6. Keep an accurate log of mentoring activities

Criteria for choosing Blackboard Mentors (not shown in priority order):

  1. Representation from a variety of departments and regional campuses
  2. Previous Blackboard experience
  3. Previous innovative teaching experience having modeled best practices
  4. Faculty time available
  5. Agreement to attend Blackboard Training in Fall semester
  6. Agreement to commit to three meeting a semester (No need to be at Truax campus for these meetings.)