Board Issue Paper Process

Topics for inclusion on future Board agendas must come through the appropriate President's Cabinet member.  The process for submission of issue papers that require board attention is outlined in the "Procedures for Creation/Final Approval/Inclusion on Board Agenda" (PDF) document.

Note: The "Procedures for Creation/Final Approval/Inclusion on Board Agenda" document only pertains to the issue paper trail following appropriate discussion and approval of the item at the departmental level. The President's Cabinet member assigned to each item is responsible for ensuring that issue papers are routed through appropriate channels at the departmental level and then submitted to the President's Office in a timely manner. 

Final issue papers must be submitted to Ellen Hustad by noon on Wednesday TWO WEEKS prior to the board meeting date (the board conducts their business meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of each month).

International Travel: The Madison College District Board approves all international travel by district employees. For information on international travel approval, contact Geoff Bradshaw, Madison College International Education Director.

Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Bid (RFB), Sole Source:  The Madison College District Board approves purchases as outlined in the Purchasing Procedures.  All RFPs, RFBs, and Sole Sources must go through the Purchasing Department prior to the purchase being presented to the District Board.  Please review the Bid/Proposal and Sole Source Procurement Schedule for the purchasing deadlines associated with each Board meeting.  For more information please contact the Purchasing Department.

For more information about the issue paper process contact Ellen Hustad at (608) 246-6677.