Branding Guide

Madison College Branding Guide Executive Summary


Why we created this Branding Guide

A strong brand establishes and maintains a positive and inviting image. It tells people who we are and what they can expect from us. At Madison College “real world smart” is our promise to provide high quality affordable education that prepares students for success in the real world.


What we included in the Branding Guide

The guide is divided into four sections:

  • Branding briefly discusses what branding is and the impact it can have on our students and other stakeholders. We give an overview of the college brand and how it incorporates our mission, vision and values.
  • The Brand Elements section includes information on the elements we use to convey our brand including our tag line and logo as well as guidelines on presentation of these elements. We include consistency and quality guidelines for typography and color palettes.
  • The Print Project Templates section walks readers through the set up and use of templates provided by the Marketing Department. These templates were designed to help college staff and faculty create quality branded products and present them in a consistent manner. The guidelines cover brochure setup and photography selection.

    The print project templates are provided online through the Promotional Toolkit, a selection of helpful tools for those creating college print publications for internal purposes (publications not produced through the Marketing Department).
  • The Style Guide includes both the writing and web style guides in use at the college. While much of what we produce follows the AP Stylebook, there are some college-specific exceptions. Style consistency is important in maintaining a strong and clear brand message.


The future of the Branding Guide

This guide was developed to be flexible and allow for expansion and change as we continue to deepen our understanding of how our college brand supports and illuminates the college mission. Download the complete Madison College Branding Guide (PDF, 5MB) for full information.


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