Budget Office

Budget Office Mission and Role
The primary mission of the Budget Office is budget formulation, production, implementation, tracking, reporting, communication, and forecasting in accordance and compliance with current business management concepts and principles, Wisconsin statutes and administrative codes, Wisconsin Technical College State Board policies and directives, GFOA budgetary best practices, and other applicable laws and regulations.
To be achieved through:
  • Development, production, implementation and communication of the College’s annual budget;
  • Providing support to the college in planning/budget development, budget negotiation, and resource management;
  • Conducting analyses and developing recommendations on alternative approaches that help the College fulfill its responsibilities and achieve strategic objectives;
  • Direct the adaptation and implementation of effective budget management policies and procedures;
  • Manage the analysis of budgetary issues;
  • Provide analysis of potential tax levy, mill rate or other budgetary impacts through a multi-year budget forecasting model;
  • Develop and provide regularly occurring budget training sessions.
Our commitment is to provide the support necessary for the college community to make informed budgetary decisions and maintain oversight of departmental budgets. We are dedicated to delivering quality customer service, sustaining a professional work environment, and continuing to advance communication with the campus community.
Who we are:
Sylvia Ramirez, Budget Director
Bonny Laufenberg, Budget Consultant
Ben Monty, Budget and Policy Analyst
Tracy Helleckson, Budget Advisor
How to contact us: