Classification Study

In 2010, Madison College contracted with Fox Lawson & Associates LLC to conduct a classification and compensation study on administrative positions, and in 2014 Madison College contracted with Fox Lawson & Associates LLC to conduct a classification and compensation study on PSRP positions.

Study objectives:

  1. Create a classification and compensation system that supports the College's goal to recruit, select, motivate, and retain well-qualified employees.
  2. Produce an understandable and transparent system that enables career growth and development.
  3. Develop a compensation structure that is reflective and competitive with the labor market.


The study had two components. The first was to review all job functions to ensure staff is appropriately classified and to update class specifications. The second component of the study was to review classified compensation in order to determine if compensation is both internally equitable and externally competitive in the market.

Study phases:

  • Phase I - Project Initiation and Strategy/Philosophy Development – This phase included a review of Madison College’s current classification and compensation philosophy and development of a new or revised philosophy.
  • Phase II - Classification Study – Job descriptions were updated to reflect changes in duties or responsibilities.
    Job Evaluation – This phase applied a job evaluation methodology to ensure internal equity based on the level of responsibility and decision-making requirements of jobs.
  • Phase III – Market Study – This phase examined comparable colleges and employers.  The result is a sound compensation structure, which is competitive with comparable organizations.
  • Phase IV – Final Report