Contracts and Templates




(1)  Legal Advisor maintains hundreds of templates depending on the business need. Legal Advisor also maintains sample policies unique to higher education.

(2)  Contracts are very deal-specific. A general contract template cannot possibly address every business deal. However, staff are required to use the Contract Service Agreement for all contracts resulting from the competitive RFP/RFB process.

(3)  A general template is often used, and specific terms and provisions unique to the business deal may be incorporated into the main agreement via of attachments, exhibits, schedules and addendums. 

(4) A template is a good starting point, and if written properly, will identify important considerations of the business deal.

(5)  Most business templates are written such that the business risk is split 50/50 between the College and the engaging entity. Madison College templates address the unique needs of the College, a governmental entity.

(6)  Staff may use the vendor’s template, but are encouraged to negotiate the business deal as most desirable to the College. Many times vendor templates are one-sided in favor of the vendor.

(7)  When using a template, please read through the entire template carefully, as provisions reflect the business deal. Staff may add, delete or modify provisions not congruent with the desired business deal.

(8)  For more information on contracts and templates, see the Madison College Contracts Manual.


The most frequently used contracts are listed below.  Please contract the Legal Advisor if you need a template that is not listed, or you need the Legal Advisor to draft you a deal-specific template.  Please be prepared to explain in detail the specific transaction.


General Release of Claims-Incident. This form is generally used to settle a claim where a monetary amount is involved.

Non-disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement. This template should accompany the General Release of Claims-Incident form above.

General Release of Claims. This form is used for a general release of claims prior to any incident and where no money is involved.

Publicity Release and Waiver-Events. This form is used to obtain permission and a release of claims when taking pictures and photographs of students at College events, and using these pictures in College brochures.

General Release of Claims for Field Trips. This is a general release used for field trips.

General Release of Claims for Study Participants. This form is used for study participants who will be videotaped in the College. This is for a study that is not sponsored by the College.

General Release of Liability for Other Entity. Use this form when the College is releasing other entities from liability.




Contract Service AgreementThis is the College's master contract template.  It must accompany all contracts that have resulted from the competitive RFP process.  This template is for general consulting/service transactions.  This template is not for use for large major software contracts (use the vendor's template).

Contract Service Agreement (small vendors).  Use this Contract Service Agreement for small businesses where the amount of services are less than $10,000.  This is primarily for short-term, low-risk consultant services, where the college does not require insurance or indemnification.  For example:  vendor is on campus for 2 days to provide basic training or facilitation services.

Contract Service Agreement Addendum One. These are additional provisions to the Madison College Contract Service Agreement for labor and public works contracts. This attachment contains the required  performance and payment bond language.

Sub-award Grant Template. This is a standard template for when the College subgrants work to an outside agency. This is used for non-federal grants.

Data Sharing Agreement.  This is a comprehensive data sharing agreement with instructions.  Use this agreement when providing student non-directory information to external contractors that conduct some business or activity on behalf of the College.  This template ensures that contractors comply with data transfer/handling security protocols.

Data Sharing Short Form Addendum.  This is a one page data sharing assurance which may be added to a contract template.  It is not as comprehensive as the one listed above, but contains the basic language to ensure data protection when sharing data, including FERPA requirements.

Standard Non-Disclosure Template. The template is a standard non-disclosure agreement to be used when discussing sensitive and confidential information before the business transaction is executed.  The definition of "confidential" is subject to Wisconsin open records law, and therefore, this agreement should be used with reservation.

Contract Amendment Template.  This template is used when the contract has already been executed (signed into effect) and both parties mutually agree to change (modify) some of the terms.  Unlike an attachment,  you will notice that the amendment has a signature block for new signatures.

Contract Addendum Template.  An addendum is generally used to provide additional, non-conflicting, provisions to the main contract before execution.   In this template, a signature block is added to evidence the consent of the additional provisions.



Public Record Request Template Letter. This template letter is for staff to use when making public record requests to other governmental agencies.
Authorization to Release Personal Data. This form authorizes the College to release data to third parties for a specific event.  This is not a blanket FERPA release form, which must be obtained from the Enrollment Center.
Authorization to Release Personal Data-Sample Cover Letter.  This sample cover letter accompanies the Authorization to Release Personal Data, and reminds third parties to handle personal information safely.