Counseling and Consultation

Resources for Handling Distressed Students

photo of faculty and staff

Due to your position, status, and visibility on campus, students experiencing emotional distress may turn to you for help. Or, because of your role, you may find yourself confronted by a disturbed or disturbing student who needs assistance. The way in which you respond in these situations could have a significant impact on the student's ability to deal constructively with his or her emotional conflicts.


Counselors offer consultation services to faculty, staff and others on a full range of student development issues. In your attempt to help a student, you may benefit from input from a counseling professional.

Counselors at Madison College can suggest possible approaches to take, intervene directly with students, or provide you with support. Please call our offices at 608-246-6076 for assistance.

Your Role as Faculty, Administrators, and Staff

Because of your position, students may turn to you frequently to obtain advice and support. Although you are not expected to provide counseling, it is helpful for you to understand the critical role you can play in:

  • responding to student problems & concerns.
  • identifying signs that indicate a student is in need of help.
  • making a referral to student development professionals.

Be aware of Madison College policies and procedures as they relate to Student Rights and Responsibilities.

The information in this section on resources for Madison College faculty and staff has been adopted and adapted with permission from the University Counseling Services (UCS) at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.