WTCS Certification Courses

WTCS educational requirement certification courses (referred to as the 'Magic 7') offered by CETL are listed below.  Each of these courses can also count for two credits through UW-Platteville.  Taking the same course twice does not count towards part-time provisional or provisional certification.

  • Requirement 50: Curriculum and Course Construction 
  • Requirement 51: Technical and Adult Education in the WTCS
  • Requirement 52: Teaching Methods
  • Requirement 53: Educational Psychology
  • Requirement 54: Educational Evaluation
  • Requirement 55: Guidance and Counseling 
  • Requirement 58: Leadership and Supervision (for administrators only- not part of the 'magic 7')
  • Requirement 69: Educational Diversity

You must complete a renewal activity at some point within your current certification period (find your expiration date on your WTCS Certificate). CETL updates offerings each semester. Not all courses are offered each semester; please plan accordingly.

Register online for WTCS Certification Courses

If you have any questions regarding your certification requirements, feel free to contact Diana Paynter (608) 246-6907.  If you have difficulty registering for a course online, please contact Brant Kraemer at (608) 246-6956.  

  • Review your WTCS Certificate carefully to be certain that the course/activity you select is actually one of your outstanding requirements (and you don't take the same course twice)
  • Locate additional information regarding credit for Undergraduate or Graduate through UW-Platteville