Drupal Web Author Training

drupalDrupal is the platform for the content management system (CMS). Using a CMS provides web administrators and web author/content creators with the ability to create and edit content without needing any knowledge of HTML or other code used in order to create the pages. It enables easy non technical entry of information into our website without knowledge of more complex web tools, such as Dreamweaver. The new website was launched on August 1, 2009.

 Web Administrators

The website management structure is designed to have a web administrator for each of the major areas of the college. The web administrator is responsible for the overall content of all pages that fall within their divisional area. They will communicate issues, troubleshoot, and manage overall web presence of their section to the web management team. They are also your source for providing feedback for enhancements and improvements. 

Becoming a web author

Web author training has been discontinued until further notice. The college is preparing for a redesign, content analysis and governance review of the student-facing website.  Contact your Web Administrator if you have any questions.