Early Alert Program

The Early Alert Program is designed to identify students who may be at risk of academic difficulty or failure as early as possible.

A basic assumption of the Early Alert Program is that the course instructor will have made an attempt to help a poor-performing student before making a referral. These attempts include:

1. Meetings before or after class to ascertain what is blocking the student’s progress.

2. Email or phone communications to reach the student who is not attending class.

3. Messages on quizzes, tests or assignments, etc. inviting the student in for consultation.

The program allows faculty/staff to alert the Student Development Center of any student who is not making satisfactory progress and/or is exhibiting behaviors that may lead to academic difficulty (i.e. sporadic attendance) and previous attempts to connect or discuss these situations with student have gone unanswered. Students who have never attended should be indicated with a N - Never attended - Translates to a W class grade roster.

Faculty are encouraged to make an Early Alert Program referral within seventy-two (72 ) hours after an unsuccessful response from student to initial inquiries. If situation is urgent, contact the Student Development Center immediately at (608) 246-6076.

Once a student is referred to the Early Alert Program, the assigned Learning Success Advisor and/or appropriate academic support personnel will attempt to contact and work with the student in an effort to improve the student’s academic performance and opportunity for success at Madison College.

Student retention and persistence to graduation are central to the mission of the Student Development Center and Madison College. Research shows that early intervention with students at-risk for failure is key to their academic success. Their academic success through our interventions may ensure their retention and persistence to graduation.

Behavior or academic performance of concern should be shared with advising and counseling staff to assist you to connect with resources. Watch a short video on the Early Alert and Behavioral Intervention Team processes for sharing your concern. 

To submit an Early Alert

Faculty – access your class roster via your Faculty Center and click “Early Alert” to report the student at risk. View a video on how to make an Early Alert Referral or review the training documents (PDF, 652KB)

Picture of the Early Alert Video - click to play

Staff – access the class roster in your PeopleSoft Campus Solutions account and click “Early Alert” to report the student at risk.

Students – If you are struggling in your classes, speak to your instructor or visit the Student Development Center to explore resources available to help you succeed.