CETL External Links

These are links to exciting teaching and learning projects around the nation and the world that we have posted for your use. We do not maintain the sites that we have linked to or assess their material. The links are posted as a resource for faculty and staff from around the college. If you know of a good link that we should add to our site, send it to Brant Kraemer.

  • American Association of Community Colleges
    Founded in 1920, the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) has, over four decades, become the leading proponent and the national “voice for community colleges.” The association was conceived when a group of presidents representing public and independent junior colleges met in St. Louis, Missouri, for a meeting called by the U.S. commissioner of education. Originally named the American Association of Junior Colleges (AAJC), the association was to function as a forum for the nation’s two-year colleges.
  • The Center for Accelerated Learning
    An organization that is committed to fostering the growth of accelerated learning methods and philosophies in training and education. To do this, they offer workshops in accelerated learning (public and in-house) and provide tools to help speed and enhance learning in organizations. The Center For Accelerated Learning was founded by Dave Meier in 1980 and since then has prepared more corporate training professionals in accelerated learning than any other organization worldwide. Today author and learning consultant Dave Meier is one of the world’s top authorities on accelerated learning as applied to corporate training.
  • The Center for Courage & Renewal (CCR)
    The Center for Courage & Renewal (CCR) is an educational non-profit that strengthens individuals, professions, and communities through programs that renew our spirits and reconnect who we are with what we do. The Center prepares Courage & Renewal Facilitators who offer retreats and programs that foster personal renewal, professional integrity, and vocational clarity.
  • The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
    The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy® is an internationally-recognized pioneering educational institution created by the State of Illinois to develop talent and leadership in mathematics, science and technology. IMSA's advanced residential college preparatory program enrolls 650 academically talented Illinois students in grades 10-12. Nearly 19,000 teachers and 43,000 students in Illinois and beyond have benefited from IMSA's professional development and student enrichment programs. Located in Aurora in the high-tech corridor west of Chicago, IMSA serves the people of Illinois through innovative instructional programs, public and private partnerships, policy counsel, action research, and the leadership and achievements of its graduates.
  • League of Innovation
    The League is an international organization dedicated to catalyzing the community college movement. We host conferences and institutes, develop Web resources, conduct research, produce publications, provide services, and lead projects and initiatives with our member colleges, corporate partners, and other agencies in our continuing efforts to make a positive difference for students and communities. Colleges connect with us by joining the League Alliance and subscribing to iStream, our online subscription service that streams engaging video, radio, print, and other interactive resources. Corporations connect with us through partnerships. Individuals stay connected by subscribing to the LeagueConnections e-newsletter.
  • National Great Teachers Movement
    Welcome to the official "Communications Center" for the National Great Teachers Movement worldwide. This web site serves only as a clearinghouse of information and a point of contact for those individuals choosing to use it for that purpose. Currently, this site is funded by David Gottshall, founder of the National Great Teachers Movement.
    NCSPOD's mission is to increase institutional vitality by providing professional growth opportunities for members, enabling them to establish, enhance, and/or revitalize staff, program, and organizational development in their organizations.
    Since 1978, the National Institute for Staff & Organizational Development (NISOD) has been dedicated to the professional development of faculty, administrators, and staff; and to the continued improvement of teaching and learning, with the ultimate goal of student success. More than 700 community colleges around the world are NISOD-members, including almost every large community college district, the majority of urban and technical colleges in the United States and Canada, and more than 200 small, rural colleges around the world. NISOD is the outreach vehicle and service arm to the Community College Leadership Program (CCLP). The CCLP, at the University of Texas at Austin, is a doctoral-level program training community college presidents, vice presidents, and deans for 60 years. More than 15 percent of the nation's presidents, vice presidents, and deans, as well as a healthy proportion of other college administrators, are UT-CCLP graduates.
  • On Course
    On Course strategies appeal to a variety of learning styles, and they motivate students to take greater responsibility for their education and their lives. Not surprisingly, the strategies you'll learn in this workshop have been shown to have a positive impact on student academic success and retention. Want evidence? Click Data to read the compelling results reported by a variety of colleges and universities that are using the On Course text and instructional strategies. If you want innovative strategies for empowering students (and yourself!) to achieve greater success--academic, personal, and professional--this is the workshop for you!
  • Pacific Crest
  • RefWorks
    RefWorks -- an online research management, writing and collaboration tool -- is designed to help researchers easily gather, manage, store and share all types of information, as well as generate citations and bibliographies.
    If you need to manage information for any reason -- whether it be for writing, research or collaboration -- RefWorks is the perfect tool. Use the tutorials and information resources on this site to work smarter with RefWorks!
  • Teaching & Learning Symposium
  • WISC Online
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  • Problem Based Learning
    "How can I get my students to think?" is a question asked by many faculty, regardless of their disciplines. Problem-based learning (PBL) is an instructional method that challenges students to "learn to learn," working cooperatively in groups to seek solutions to real world problems. These problems are used to engage students' curiosity and initiate learning the subject matter. PBL prepares students to think critically and analytically, and to find and use appropriate learning resources.