Faculty Orientation

Faculty Orientation is available in two forms.

Part-time Faculty Orientation is in a more flexible format to fit with the schedules of part-time faculty.

Full-time Faculty Orientation is a multi-day event covering all aspects of becoming an instructor at Madison College.

For both, there are resources listed in the menu to the right which will guide your journey.

Before faculty attend orientation, there are a five things to complete:

  1. Contact the Human Resources department at 608-246-6900 (or contact your Supervisor's Office) to receive your Employee ID number. Write this number down in a safe place.
  2. Activate your employee computer accounts online (task #1 must be complete first). 
  3. Apply for your One Card (Employee Identification Card). This application process requires an in-person visit to have your photograph taken. Read more about OneCards.
  4. Apply online for your college Parking Permit. 
  5. Review the Orientation Materials for your employee type: