First Fridays Orientation Program

First Fridays is an on-going orientation program for new employees that follows up on the initial employee orientation. New employees meet the First Friday of each Month.  This is an opportunity for new employees to gather, network and build community.  During the program we learn about Madison Area Technical College operations, policy and procedure, issues facing the college and new initiatives that impact the learning success of our students.  The program provides an opportunity to ask questions and engage in dialogue about the “way things work” at Madison Area Technical College. Meetings are from 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM.

September 6, 2013

Human Resources - Room C1435
Guest Speaker: Human Resources Office
Objective: Post-Hiring Information, Benefit programs, HR Representatives and services, Payroll Information.

October 4, 2013

Learner Success – Provost Terry Webb/Associate Vice President Turina Bakken - Room C1435
Guest Speaker: Provost VP’s Learner Success
Objective: Define the role you play in the development and delivery of instruction

November 1, 2013

Madison College Board/President’s Office - Room C1435
Guest Speaker: Madison College Board Member
Objective: Internal Structure, College Operations, Board Operations, and External Relations

December 6, 2013

Review Services of Public Safety Department- Room C1435B
Guest Speakers: Public Safety Department
Objective: Describe employee responsibilities as they relate to Safety and review training opportunities available.

January, 10, 2014 (Note this is the 2nd Friday due to scheduled vacations)

Keeping you In Touch with New Employee Information - Room C1435

Guest Speaker: CETL Staff 
Objective: Understand Mission and Services offered by CETL

February 7, 2014

WI Tech. College System - Room C1435
Guest Speaker: WTCS Guest
Objective:  Interpret the mission of the Wisconsin Technical College System, your local technical college and the University of Wisconsin System as they relate to a philosophy of post-secondary education. Analyze how your professional role supports the mission and goal of the WTCS and your organization.
Added Option: Introduction to WTCS Certification #51

March 7, 2014

Keith Cornille – Review LD operations, projects, process - Room C1435
Guest Speaker: Learner Development

Objective: Create connections between employees and Learning/Support Services offered by Learner Development.

April 4,  2014

Administrative Services - Financial Services, Budget, Facilities - Room C1435
Guest Speaker: Aaron Burkes, Tim Casper
Objective: Define the role you play in the management of district funding and resources.

May 2, 2014

Diane Walleser - CI Culture at Madison College - Room C1435
Guest Speaker: Enrollment and Marketing
Objective: Understand your role in Enrollment Processes, College External Marketing, Strategic Planning and Unit Planning,

+ One additional Meeting for the #51 course final presentations

Evaluate the impact of current issues and trends on the WTCS - Room TBD
Personal Mission Statements, Develop your personal philosophy of teaching (working) and learning with the Wisconsin Technical College System
#51 Course Participants Only