First Fridays Orientation Program

First Fridays is an on-going orientation program for new employees that follows up on the initial employee orientation. New employees meet the First Friday of each Month.  This is an opportunity for new employees to gather, network and build community.  During the program we learn about Madison Area Technical College operations, policy and procedure, issues facing the college and new initiatives that impact the learning success of our students.  The program provides an opportunity to ask questions and engage in dialogue about the “way things work” at Madison Area Technical College. Meetings are from 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM.

March 6, 2015

The School of Academic Advancement  - Room: C1435

Guest Speaker: Janice Mettauer

Objective: Learn about the services provided by Academic Advancement, including English speaking, reading and writing skills for non-native speakers, High School Completion options for those who didn't get their high school diploma, basic education skills for those that want to improve their skills or prepare for college, educational support for students currently in a program, and the Individualized Technical Studies Degree Program.

April 3,  2015

Administrative Services - Financial Services, Budget, Facilities -  Room: C1435

Guest Speaker: Mark Thomas, VP Administration

Objective: Define the role you play in the management of district funding and resources.

May 1, 2015

WTCS - Room: C1435

Guest Speaker: TBA

Objective: Interpret the mission of the Wisconsin Technical College System, your local technical college, and the University of Wisconsin System as they relate to a philosophy of post-secondary education. Analyze how your professional role supports the mission and goal of the WTCS and your organization.