Before the Flexible Format course begins...

Before the Flexible Format course begins...

Technical Expectations

Course Management System

Introductory Welcome

Course Maintenance

Virus Protection

Copyright and Citations

Accessibility of Multimedia 

Update the “Specialized” Course Note that students see when they register for your course

Managerial – Course Organization Expectations

News and Announcements

Student Contact Info Spreadsheet

Student Orientation to Course

Pre-course Student Information/Survey

Establish Course Participation Policy

Welcome Email


Create and Post a Course Calendar

Make Part of Your Course Available (visible) to Registered Students 1 Week Before the Official Start Date.

Grade Center (gradebook) Set-Up

Pedagogical / Instructional Design Expectations

Past Course Evaluations

Course Goals and Learning Outcomes

Discussion Prompts

Netiquette/Ground Rules

Course Assignments

Universal Design, Learning Styles, Accelerated Learning Principles