Frequently Asked Questions

Budget Management FAQs

How do I request a Budget Transfer?

Budget Transfers cannot cross funds and for grants the transfers cannot cross projects.

Send budget transfer request to  In the email requesting a transfer include:

  • Dollar amount of transfer.
  • Indicate full chartfield for both sides of the transfer: FROM (budgetary decrease) and TO (budgetary increase).
  • Indicate if transfer is a one-time (current fiscal year only) or permanent (current and next fiscal year).
  • Email must be received from division that has budget management authority for the source of the transfer.
  • If transfer request is for a grant then please contact the Financial Services Department, Grant Accounting.

Notes: If the transfer request crosses appropriations, there may be additional requirements or information that needs to be provided before a transfer can be completed. There are also transfer requests that cannot be processed unless they come through another approved review and approval process. Example: Adjustments or transfers to the Non-controllable Salary and Fringe appropriations are only made for changes approved through the annual District Budget Process or the Online Position Requisition Process.