Full-time Faculty Course Reimbursement

All full-time faculty are eligible for reimbursement for courses taken at any accredited institution, regardless of the position of the instructor on the salary scale. Employees may be reimbursed for a maximum of nine credits per year. Please note that the yearly cap of nine credits begins with the fall semester, and includes the accompanying spring and summer semesters.

The per credit reimbursement rate is the equivalent of one University of Wisconsin-Madison undergraduate credit, and the reimbursement limit per year is NINE times the cost of one UW-Madison undergraduate credit. You will be reimbursed at the rate that was in effect during the time you were enrolled in the course.

Approval by the Dean/faculty supervisor must be obtained before the course begins.  Download the Dean Approval Form (59KB PDF) and get the necessary approval first (13KB Docx).  All requests for reimbursement must be completed and submitted within three months of the end of the course.

When you complete the course and receive your grade, submit the following to CETL:

  1. The completed Faculty Course Reimbursement Request form and Dean Approval Form.
  2. The original receipt indicating that the course fees have been paid.
  3. A copy of your grade report or transcript showing a grade of ā€œCā€ or better. Even if you have submitted a transcript for certification purposes, you will need to make a copy and attach it to your course reimbursement request. A copy of the grade report or a screen print showing the grade is required even for Madison Area Technical College courses.

You must submit your request using the Full-time Faculty Course Reimbursement Form

The parameters for FY15-16 tuition reimbursements are the existing budget. Reimbursements are made on a first-come, first-served basis. The existing budget may limit reimbursements.  Once the budget is exhausted, no further requests will be accepted or reimbursed.

You can typically expect reimbursement by the end of the semester in which you submit a claim.

Contact CETL, (608) 246-6646.