Full-time Faculty Course Reimbursement

All full time teachers are eligible for 100% reimbursement for courses taken, regardless of the position of the teacher on the salary scale. There is, however, a cap on reimbursement for courses.

The cap for the academic year is equivalent of three (3) University of Wisconsin undergraduate credits during each of the fall and spring semesters, and six (6) credits during the summer session.

When you complete the course and receive your grade, submit the following to CETL:
  1. The completed Faculty Course Reimbursement Request form (online).
  2. The original receipt indicating that the course fees have been paid.
  3. A copy of your grade report or transcript showing a grade of ā€œCā€ or better. Even if you have submitted a transcript for certification purposes, you will need to make a copy and attach it to your course reimbursement request. A copy of the grade report or a screen print showing the grade is required even for Madison Area Technical College courses.

You may submit your request using the online form . Course reimbursement requests will be processed after the following dates:

  • September 15
  • February 15
  • June 10

You should submit your completed request prior to these dates in order to avoid a delay in payment. It will take approximately 60 days after the dates listed above to receive your payment.


You may submit courses taken in previous semesters; the caps that were in place for those semesters will be used. If you miss this deadline, hand it in whenever you can, and it will be processed during the next round. Please note that the semester caps refer to the semesters of initial enrollment of courses, not the semester of completion or semester that the request was submitted.

Questions? Contact CETL, (608) 246-6646.