Full Time Faculty Orientation


The power-packed institute will introduce you to the organization and policies of the college, its players, our philosophy as a Learning College, your role as a faculty member, physical logistics of the campuses, technology and communication systems, etc. You will also be introduced to other faculty members, some students, your faculty mentor, as well as your supervisor and divisional colleagues.

For new full time faculty who begin in the fall semester, the institute is held for 3 days in August. For those new full time faculty who begin in the spring semester, the institute is held for 2 days in January. Check the academic year calendar for specific dates.

The agenda and activities for the institute are designed around these three outcomes:

Outcome: Provide an Orientation to Madison Area Technical College operations, basic employment information and time for reflection on your teaching.

Outcome: Learn how to access Madison Area Technical College services in support of Teaching and Learning.

Outcome: Create a Professional Framework for Teaching and Learning at Madison Area Technical College.