Full-time Faculty Professional Development Funding Steps

  1. Planning for the professional development activity should take place in the unit (program/department) and be a documented part of the unit plan.
  2. According to the contract; the fund can provide between $300 - $1200 for each permanent Full Time faculty member. Total support for the activity can come from a mix of sources including Unit funds, Center funds, CETL funds, and the FPAD fund.
  3. Planning for the professional development activity should be in the employees’ Professional Development Plan (It is understood that some activities will be unanticipated or required by circumstances beyond the planning process).
  4. Submit a request for professional development activity via email to your Dean (Include; unit, activity/location/dates, academic year, goal or outcome in professional development plan, total anticipated amount of funds, anticipated sources of funding.) Funds are awarded on a first come first served basis.  
  5. Next, if travel is necessary, complete a Travel Approval Request Form; send to your dean’s office for signature. Once approved the dean will reply to you as authorization for attendance/travel. 
  6. Go to the Full-time Professional Development Funding page and fill out the appropriate request form (based on your school), and attach the Travel Approval Request Form, complete with signatures.
  7. After the request is approved the applicant may make arrangements with their Center to pay or prepay for registration, travel, etc. All funds will be paid through the Learning Center or by the employee.
  8. If necessary send reimbursement claim form to Dean after the experience.
  9. Reimbursement will follow within 60 days of the activity.
  10. The fund is limited to the total amount in the fund each fiscal year.  Once the fund is depleted funds will no longer be available until the following fiscal year.