Interest Based Problem Solving (IBPS)

"IBPS is a shift from an authoritative posture, to one of shared authority and responsibility...up and down this organization.  I believe this makes us stronger and I believe it's the right thing to do."
~Dr. Jack Daniels III, President of Madison Area Technical College, October 2013 Convocation Address

Interest Based Problem Solving (IBPS) is the collaborative approach that is being used for decision-making by the Contract Alternative Committee.  Find IBPS Facilitator resources for your own IBPS uses.

Fall 2014 training schedule for West (PDF), Downtown DTEC (PDF), Truax (PDF), South (PDF) or Eastern region (PDF).  Register now through CETL.

 “IBPS  will become the foundation for how we address a myriad of issues that will impact Madison College. This process will also be the foundation from which we will create a shared governance model that is inclusive and provides effective avenues of communication.” ~Dr. Daniels 

Request facilitated IBPS services.

IBPS is currently in use by the Contract Alternative Committee.  Read more about the Contract Alternative Committee, or access their Blackboard page.

IBPS is sponsored by the Provost's office.  Comment?  Question? Contact Kathleen Paris