iClicker Information

iClickers are a Student Response System (SRS) used to promote active learning in the classroom. Students respond to questions posed by the instructor using a small handheld keypad that looks like a TV remote control.

This allows the instructor to:

  • engage students through interactive question and answer sessions.
  • get individual responses from hundreds of students at once.
  • collect instant feedback from every one of his/her students.
  • instantly assess students' understanding of the subject matter.
  • survey a class and get instant data for analysis.

It allows students to:

  • participate actively in class.
  • volunteer answers and opinions in class without fear of intimidation or embarrassment.
  • get instant feedback on how well they are understanding the material early on, instead of having to wait until after a mid-term exam.
  • see how they are measuring up to the rest of the class.

Student Response System software:

  • polls students.
  • tabulates the student responses.
  • displays the results back to the class in graphical form.


Visit the iClicker web site for iClicker Set Up Instructions.

***Newer flash drives may not work with the older iClicker bases, however, you can plug the flash drive directly into your computer and use along with your iClicker base.


For more detailed information, see the iClicker User Guide.


For iClicker training, contact CETL.


Please check out iClickers in Room 226, Truax Campus, Copy Center/Equipment Check-Out. Call 246-6084 to check availability.