Information Protection Standards

 The information resources of Madison College are valuable assets and must be protected to ensure:

Confidentiality – ensuring that information is accessible only to who are authorized.

Integrity – safeguarding the accuracy and completeness of information.

Availability – ensuring that information is available when it is needed.

The controls documented in the college's Information Protection Standards (PDF 250KB) are intended to help the college protect its information resources without unduly hampering our employee's ability to do their jobs.  The standards also take into account any legal or regulatory compliance requirements that the college is obliged to follow.


These standards are in direct support of the college's Information Protection Policy (PDF 28KB). 


It is recognzied that there may be some special circumstances for which an exemption will be necessary.  To accomodate this need, an Information Protection Standards Exemption Request Process (PDF 70KB) has also been developed to allow an exemption to be requested - on behalf of either an individual or a work group.   The first step in making such a request is to complete and submit an Exemption Request Form (DOC 79KB).