myMadisonCollege FAQs

What services are available?
Once you’ve activated your account you can
  • View or print your pay advice
  • Enter time (if appropriate for your job classification)
  • Enter grades (faculty)
  • View the top stories on Matters
  • Get the answers to hundreds of questions through askMadisonCollege
  • Access the school calendar
  • Check system availability (identifies technical work scheduled or in process)
How do I get started?
You must be a current employee to activate an account for myMadisonCollege. At the end of the activation process you will be provided with a login id that will be used throughout the Madison Area Technical College technology community (network access, email, Blackboard, and myMadisonCollege).

What if I’ve forgotten my login ID or password?

Use the Forgot Password? Sign On Help link on the myMadisonCollege login page.
How do I navigate the site?
The myMadisonCollege web site is divided into small web pages. The page heading identifies the topic such as Campus Systems, Matters, Calendar of Events, System Notice, and many more. Most pages contain hyperlinks to more detailed information or dedicated sites on the topic.
Why does my session time out?
Login sessions are set to timeout after a period of inactivity. The intent is to help protect personal information.

Additional questions can be answered by contacting the Help Desk by calling (608) 246-6666 (6666 on campus) or by completing the Help Desk email form.