Job Requisition Process Overview

Initiator –provides all required information including all proposed changes so that the form can be routed through entire process.
Supervisor – Receives and reviews the submission.  Makes adjustments as needed and either approves or rejects the Position Requisition.  If rejected, is routed back to Initiator.
Department Budget Manager– Reviews submission and makes adjustments as needed.  Approves or rejects the Position Requisition Form forwarded by the Supervisor.  If rejected, notifications are sent.
Vice President/Executive Director  – review submission and indicates if approved for consideration.
Human Resources Records Management– Confirms classification, updates the position description tab to reflect the current approved job description, and routes to the Budget Office.
Budget Office –Costs the position as proposed, confirms funding sources, calculates any  funding difference (compares costing to funding source), identifies if inter or intra fund transfers will be required once approved, assigns preliminary chartfield allocations.
Budget Director– Confirms funding sources are sufficient and routes information to the Executive Team for consideration.  If funding sources are not sufficient, routes the form to the VP or to the Department Budget Manager for resolution.
Executive Team –Reviews the position requisitions and approves or rejects the requisitions. Notifications are sent.
Human Resources Records Management – Updates the position management system.
Budget Office - Updates payroll allocations, makes budgetary adjustments if needed, prepares budget modification if needed.
Payroll – If approved, updates tables with costing allocations provided by Budget Office.
Supervisors/Initiator/Budget Manager – Notes approved costing assignment for future reference.  Works work with HR Representative on next steps related to requested action.
HR Representative - Works with Supervisor on requested action.