Legal Advisor

Welcome to the web page of the Madison College Legal Advisor.  We support the mission of Madison College. Our work focuses on compliance, prevention, and diverse legal transactions.  This office does not handle litigation or real estate matters.


Carolyn M. Jarrett, Esquire
Legal Advisor  
Madison College
Phone: (608) 243-4448
Fax: (608)  246-6047



Services provided include:

  • General legal advice (FERPA, copyright, public records, ADA, data privacy)
  • General legal transactional work
  • Contract review, negotiation, and drafting, including IT and software contracts
  • Policy, regulation, rule review, and legal drafting
  • Legal risk assessment (in collaboration with risk management)
  • Internal investigations (limited) 
  • Legislative review, analysis and research
  • Proactive legal training


This office does not handle litigation, real estate issues, or issues primarily under the purview of the Office of Human Resources.


There are four items that will be most helpful to you (the requesting department) during the contract review process.

(1)  Is a Contract Review Required by Legal?  If you are making a purchase and are unsure if you also need a contract, this document will provide guidance for you.

(2)  Contract Review Procedure.  This will walk you through the contract review steps, as well as link you to the Purchasing web page if necessary.

(3) Complete a Contract Review Form to initiate legal review: 

 Contract Review Form for 38.14, student life, and affiliation agreements.   You will need this form every time  you submit a contract for review. 


 Comprehensive Contract Review Form for all other contracts. You will need this comprehensive form for all contracts that are not 38.14, affiliation agreements, or student life agreements.

(4)  Contracts Manual.  This manual contains in-depth information on contracts, how to negotiate contracts, and boilerplate contract language.

(5) Contracts Training PowerPoint(s)




The Legal Advisor is available to draft a template for a specific transaction.  Here is a list of the most commonly used templates.  Please contact our office if you need a template, which is not listed.  Please be prepared to explain your transaction in detail if you desire a template to be drafted.

NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: This site is intended to be used by employees of Madison College in their official capacities. It is not intended to provide personal legal advice to any individual or entity. INCLUSION OF ANY LINK OR REFERENCE TO ANY ENTITY, PUBLIC OR PRIVATE, IS NOT INTENDED TO BE A WARRANTY OR ENDORSEMENT OF THE COMPLETENESS OR QUALITY OF INFORMATION CONTAINED THEREIN, OR OF ANY SPONSOR OF SUCH INFORMATION