Locating the Online PRP Form

PRP forms are created and stored on Madison College's PeopleSoft server. Supervisors and managers may access PRP's that need approval through their PeopleSoft work list. PRP forms may be initiated or located by following the below-listed instructions:

  1. Go to Madison College's main webpage: http://madisoncollege.edu
  2. Click on “myMadisonCollege”
  3. Log in to "myMadisonCollege"
  4. Select Compensation Launch Pad
  5. Under the "Main Menu" select “SWC Custom”
  6. Navigate to the "Position Requisition System"
  7. Select “Use”
  8. Select “Initiate a New Position Req.”  
  9. Select the Time and Labor department. You may click on the magnifying glass to view all available options.
  10. Select T&L department from list and click "Add".

NOTE: Only a single position requisition can be in process for a position at any time. If there is a position requisition in process for the position already (anything other than a status of “Closed”).  If there is a current requisition in progress for your intended position, then you should select the "Modify" option.