Mailboxes and PT Faculty Office Space



Campus mailboxes are issued to staff to receive various notices, communications, and other essential materials.  Please check at the Mail Center, room B1247, the first week of classes for your mailbox number and combination.  The Mail Center hours are 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.  This is the best way (besides email) that we are able to communicate pertinent information to you, so it is very important that you retrieve your mail before each teaching session or at least once per week if you are only teaching online classes.  Mailboxes are reissued each semester.


Desk/Office Space

Room B2243 (Truax campus) is available as Part-Time Faculty Shared Office Space.  This shared space with desks, computers, phones, storage space, and supplies is meant for the temporary use of part-time faculty who need a place to prepare for class, grade assignments, use a computer to work online, contact students, consult with colleagues, etc.  As a shared space, it is not intended for part-time faculty to claim their own space, but to use as necessary to be prepared to teach. Part-time faculty members will also be welcome to continue to use the CETL offices (B2208) and resources there for their work.  Since the room is locked, part-time faculty will only have access via their OneCards.

Downtown campus:  D413 is the room designated at the Downtown campus for adjunct faculty.  The room requires OneCard access and provides desk carrels, computers, printer, telephone, and room to meet with students one-on-one.