OnBase Document Imaging

The OnBase Web Client enables users to searches and retrieve Madison College imaged documents, as well as use a set of tools for interacting with, editing and managing information on these documents.

OnBase Requirements: 

  1. The OnBase Web Client V12 requires Internet Explorer v7 through v9
  2. Pop-up Blockers and Custom Toolbars are not supported – you must ‘allow’ the OnBase Website in your pop-up blocker settings and/or uninstall your Yahoo or Google Toolbar.
  3. OnBase Concurrent Client licensing will be used, therefore, there is a 20 Minute time-out period for non-active sessions
  4. Your Madison College Network ID and Password are required for the OnBase login.

OnBase Security: 

  1. Any new OnBase access requires a SAFE Team Representative approval for access.
    1. Admissions – Leah Meicher
    2. Financial Aid – Maria Lindquist
    3. Infrastructure Services – Amy Krumenauer
    4. Student Development & Success – Marty Crabbs
    5. Learner Success – Nicole Soulier
    6. Records – Lori McRoberts
    7. Student Financials – Tonya Vertein

View the Quick Reference Guide below for step-by-step instructions on how to access Student Documents using the OnBase Web Client.

OnBase Quick Reference Guide (PDF 521 KB)

To access OnBase you need to log in via the Web Client Link