Outline of Instruction

What is it?

  • Official non-proprietary information about a course such as number, title, description, credits, competencies, and performance criteria. 

Where do I find one?

  • Instructors and employees of the College: log into WIDS to access any outline
  • Instructors: access your department's Blackboard Course Portfolios
  • Students and general public: use this request form

Why use it?

  • Ensure students achieve the same skills from the same course taught by different instructors
  • Specify performance standards of course outcomes
  • Document linkages to broader program and workforce outcomes
  • Improve articulation with high schools
  • Analyze course assessment strategies
  • Support the Academic Quality Improvement Program process, a requirement for college accreditation
  • Assist students with transfer of credit 
  • Inform students, potential students, and business/industry partners of course expectations
  • Defend letter grades and credentials