Part-Time Faculty Coordinators: Observation

The bulk of the Coordinators’ time during the spring and fall semesters is spent in class observations and follow-up meeting with the Part-time faculty. Through this process, the faculty can get feedback on their teaching methods, assessments, syllabi, etc. They also have an opportunity to ask questions they may not have had a chance to ask. 

Priorities of Observations

  • Observe all new part-time faculty members in their 1st year.
  • Observe all part-time faculty members prior to end of probationary period, in their 4th, 5th or 6th semester. Ideally, all part-time faculty members will be observed twice during the probationary period.
  • Observe all non-probationary part-time faculty every three years

Typical Observation Structure

  • Email part-time faculty member to set up observation and follow-up meeting dates.
  • Observe class.
  • Have a follow-up meeting with the part-time faculty member.
  • Send draft observation report to part-time faculty member and receive feedback.
  • Send final observation report to Associate Dean(s) and part-time faculty member.

Observation Documents