Part Time Faculty Orientation

At Madison Area Technical College, part-time faculty members play a critical role in the growth and learning of our students.  The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will play a key role in supporting the work of PT Faculty. CETL also appreciates that your part-time status will present you with many challenges as you work with your students. 

Part-Time Faculty Orientation consists of a two-hour face-to-face "Kickstarter" experience coupled with an online course.  This experience is guided by the Part-Time Faculty Orientation Guidebook and is maintained by the Part-Time Faculty Coordinators.

Find a welcome and necessary forms at Human Resources.

Register for your two-hour Part-Time Orientation Kickoff at this webform.

Orientation Handouts specific to Part-Time Faculty:

2014-15 PT Faculty Orientation Time & Location (register for one of these)

  • Wednesday, August 6th from 5:30-7:30pm (Truax, room D2643)
  • Saturday, August 23rd from 10:00 to Noon (Truax, room D2643)
  • Tuesday, August 26th from 5:30-7:30pm (Truax, room D2643; Convocation)

Additional Orientation for Arts & Sciences PT Faculty, August 26th from 4:30-5:30 (Truax, D2643; Convocation)

  • Wednesday, August 27th from 10am to Noon (Truax, room D2643; Convocation)
  • Saturday, September 6th from 10am to Noon (Truax, room D2643)
  • Saturday, September 13th from 10am to Noon (Truax, room D2643)
  • Monday, September 15th from 4pm to 6pm (Truax, room D2643)
  • Tuesday, September 16th from 8am to 10am (Truax, room B2216A - in CETL office)