Part Time Faculty Professional Development Funding

This program has been developed to enhance the quality of teaching among part-time faculty and retain high quality part-time faculty at Madison Area Technical College.

Experiences Covered
Professional Development activities in the following categories will be covered by this program.

  • Workshops, Conferences, Seminars
  • Cross-Training activities
  • Technical Updating

Criteria for evaluating acceptable requests require that:

  • Individual faculty needs are identified by faculty member or supervisor
  • Eligible Faculty have a minimum of 2 years of continuous service to college as PT faculty
  • Teaching in current semester or in immediately prior semester (per contract, p. 27)
  • Tie to college-wide strategic, unit or individual PGP plan
  • Demonstrated commitment to Professional Development/Certification
  • Per person cap per year is up to $500 inclusive of all expenses


  1. Accepting Requests
    • Minimum of 30 days prior for requests including travel
    • Up to 60 days after for non-travel requests
    • Send directly to CETL as Rep of Committee
      • On paper or web page
    • Include Expense Report form, invoices, receipts and grade forms or completion forms for courses. CETL will provide chartfields.
  2. Evaluating Requests
    • CETL Staff will pre-screen requests
    • Entire PT Committee will meet monthly on or about the 15th to consider requests
  3. Approval
    • Requests meeting the criteria will be approved as long as there are funds available.
    • Approved requests will be sent to College Financial Services (Accounts Payable)
    • Approved reimbursement will be paid approximately two weeks after receipt in Accounts Payable
  4. Assessment
    • Approved requests will require the completion of a Paper/Electronic Surveys by CETL concerning Conference attendance

PT Faculty Professional Development Application (DOC, 52 KB)

Fill out the form and email it to If your activity includes out of state travel you must also complete the Travel Approval Request Form.
Remember to include Expense Reimbursement Claim Form, invoices, receipts and grade forms or completion forms for courses.