Compensation Launchpad - Time & Labor

PeopleSoft - Instructions for Compensation Launchpad Time & Labor Time Sheet

Login to Compensation Launchpad through myMadisonCollege in the header of any Madison College web page.  Please find your 'Combo Code' via your supervisor (faculty only).  

Find instructions below for your employee type for self-help, step by step instructions.  

Full Time Faculty (PDF, 589 KB)

Part Time Faculty (Union) (PDF, 589 KB) [see also note below]

Part Time Faculty (Non-Union) (PDF, 529 KB)

Part Time PSRP (PDF, 511 KB)

Casual/Student Help (PDF, 500 KB)

Work Study (PDF, 319 KB)

See also, how to view your pay advice (PDF, 43 KB) and how to complete a time sheet for orientation or convocation for Part-Time Faculty (PDF, 70 KB).

Questions:  Contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching in Learning (CETL) at  608-246-6646 


  • PT Union Faculty: If you are scheduled for instruction on Thursday - Saturday of the Holiday week, please submit your Instruction time on line as scheduled.
    Choose the same online options as if you had worked. This does not apply to TAG Agreement Assignments or classes scheduled for 6 or less days in the semester. Refer to Article VI, Section C - Work Year, Item 3 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  • You MUST have your employee Network User ID and Password to use this system. If you do not have one or are unsure, visit the Employee Account Activation page and complete the on-line request.
  • If you receive the message that your Employee Network ID is already established, click on myMadisonCollege towards the top of the page, and select “Forgot your Password?
  • If you still experience Network trouble, please call the Help Desk at x6666.