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PeopleSoft - Time Sheet FAQs

What is the deadline for entering my time?

By Monday 9pm, your time should be entered on the system for the previous work week.
You can enter your time as soon as it is worked (daily).

Am I required to enter my time electronically?

Unless noted otherwise in the training documentation, all time worked on and after November 8, 2009 must be recorded using this system. To access the system, go to the Madison Area Technical College home page:, and select ‘myMadisonCollege’ on the upper left hand side. Further instructions can be found on this web page.

When is my time approved?

Shortly after you have submitted your time on-line, it goes through system processing. Once that is complete, if there are no errors to your time your Manager can view and approve that time.

What if I made an error on previously submitted time?

If it is before Monday, 9pm of the following work week, make your change(s) and again select Submit. If your Manager requested a change: Navigate to that work week. If the system still allows you access, go ahead and change the data and select Submit. You Manager will then be able to approve the change. If you no longer have access to that work week, discuss the situation with your supervisor for further instructions.

If I am full time Faculty, do I have to use this system?

Full time Faculty who perform work that is paid hourly (work over and above their contractual obligation) need to use this system to report, and be paid, those hours. For example, substitute teaching, curriculum development work, etc. Any work you were submitting via a paper timesheet now needs to be entered electronically on this system.


Am I required to attend a training?

Training is not required. After reviewing the training document, if you feel you will be comfortable navigating and entering your time using that as a reference, there is no need to attend. General training can be found through CETL, and specific details can be found with your manager or School.


As a part time union faculty, does this replace my payment through a Letter of Agreement (TAG)

The electronic time entry system applies to work hours that you are currently submitting through the paper timesheet process, such as convocation attendance, substitute teaching, etc.. This has no affect on payments being made through the letter of agreement (TAG) process.


What if I don’t have computer access?

Employees are able to access computers at any Madison Area Technical College campus in the district to enter time. You may also access a computer at your local public library. A third option is to inquire at your work site whether you may use a computer at that location so that you may get to the internet and report your time. If you wish to review the training document before you access the computer, please contract your department office so they may send a paper copy to you at your request; otherwise you can access and print the documents on-line.

Do I need to retain my 4-digit employee ID that I list on the paper timesheet?

All work through November 7th must be submitted via a paper timesheet to your Department office no later than November 10th. After that time, your four digit ID will no longer be needed or used.

I cannot see the ‘Compensation Launch Pad’ as shown in the training manual

Be sure that you have an EMPLOYEE Network ID, and that you use that Network ID to log-in on the myMadisonCollege page. Do not log in using your Student Network ID. To activate an Employee Network ID, click on “Employee Account Activation” from the myMadisonCollege page. If you still cannot see the Compensation Launch Pad, please contact the help desk at 246-6666.

If I am a part-time faculty employee, how do I enter time for things such as orientation, convocation, etc?

Please see this part-time faculty Additional Work B time entry reference card (PDF, 70 KB) to see how to enter time for those activities.