Phone/Voicemail Services


Telephone services for all Madison Area Technical College campuses are provided by Technology Services. The network consists CISCO IP Phones and Unified Messaging (UM).

Long Distance Calling

Madison Area Technical College uses the State of Wisconsin Telecommunications System as the long distance carrier.  State of Wisconsin regulations and District Board Policy prohibit personal use of the long distance service.  International calling is limited to telephone extensions specifically approved to have that service.  Supervisors should contact Technology Services to add, remove, or change long distance services for extensions.

Madison Area Technical College Directories

Faculty and Staff should use the Employee Directory on the Madison Area Technical College website to search for telephone numbers of staff and faculty

Direct Inward Dialing System

Madison Area Technical College employs a direct inward dial (DID) system.  With DID, a caller dials the direct telephone extension of the desired party. This feature offers efficiencies by eliminating the need for a district operator to answer and redirect all calls. To better serve our customers and others outside of Madison Area Technical College, it is important to provide your direct number to these people.

Do not provide main numbers as call-back numbers. Many of the general numbers at the college utilize automated attendant technology to assist us in processing the large volume of calls received each day. It is time-consuming and frustrating for callers to go through this process when they know whom they wish to contact.

The Help Desk can be reached by calling (608) 246-6666 (6666 on campus).

You can also contact the Help Desk by completing their email form.