Probationary Process FT Faculty - Mentor Responsibilities

A mentor meeting with a mentee outside Truax Campus.One of the most important responsibilities of departments and senior faculty is to help new faculty successfully complete the probationary process and move to full-time non-probationary status. The role of mentor is crucial to this new process. The mentor is the person who will support and guide the new faculty member through the probationary process.


Mentor Responsibilities Forms (PDF 23 KB)

This set of documents includes a detailed chronological description of the Mentor Responsibilities to be followed in the process. If you have any questions you can contact the CETL office for clarification. They can be downloaded and then saved to a personal version of the documents for you to complete. We recommend that you add your name or initials to the name of new file and save it in a secure location on your H Drive or on an external device.